The children’s storybook about the right to play – Fun in the dungeon – is now available online for all to read.

It’s free to read and will only be available for a limited time. It’s available online to allow more children and families across Wales and beyond to enjoy reading. This is to support families during the coronavirus pandemic.

This bilingual storybook is aimed at primary school aged children and their parents. It reminds us all that every child has the right to play – and that children will play wherever they are and whenever they can.

The story tells of a spiteful queen who punished children and families for playing. Soon, her large dungeons were full of children of all ages. Left with only bed sheets, sticks and stones, the children become resourceful and sounds of joyful playing emerge from the dungeons. This prompts the queen to disguise herself and investigate what is happening in the dungeons. She soon has a change in mind and heart about play and vows to make it easier for children to play in her kingdom.

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