Fun in the dungeon is a storybook about children’s right to play, written for primary school children and their parents. It aims to help:

  • children speak out about their right to play
  • parents campaign for play in their local area.

The book is about a spiteful queen who punishes children and families for playing. Soon, her large dungeons are full of children of all ages. Left with only bed sheets, sticks and stones, the children are resourceful and start to play, and sounds of joyful playing emerge from the dungeons.

Hearing this, the queen disguises herself and goes to investigate what is happening in her dungeons. What she finds there changes her mind – and heart – and she vows to make it easier for children to play in her kingdom.

How can I get a copy of Fun in the dungeon?

To get a free copy of the book, you must: 

  1. Work or live in Wales 
  2. Sign up to our mailing list (scroll to bottom of page)
  3. Email us your details, including a postal address   


How Fun in the dungeon was created

Play Wales worked with a storyteller, a cartoonist, and the children and parents of Mount Stuart Primary School in Cardiff to develop the storybook.

Through a series of workshops, the storyteller supported a group of children and parents to identify some of the challenges they had experienced with play, as well as some of the positive play experiences they had had. Together they came up with the story’s words and images. The children made drawings of play which inspired the cartoonist and helped bring the story to life.