For the first time, Fun in the garden, a storybook about children’s right to play is available online for all to read.

The bilingual storybook for primary school aged children and parents is free to read and will only be available for a limited time. It’s available online to allow more children and their families in Wales and further afield to enjoy.

The story tells of Rosie and her grandmother, and their next-door neighbour, Miss Grizzle who wants to stop play on their street. To show Miss Grizzle the importance of play, Rosie and her grandmother host a day to celebrate play in their garden. Miss Grizzle heads to the garden to tell the children that playing is ‘silly’. But before she could say much, she is laughing and enjoying a simple game of tag, which changes Miss Grizzle’s mind and heart about play for good. 

This is a standalone sequel to Fun in the dungeon, which is also online to read.

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