Have you and your children read the Fun in the dungeon storybook?

The new Story telling session pack offers ideas about ways parents can use the storybook to talk about play with their children.    

The resource, which is free to download, includes:

  • Information about play
  • Information on what kind of stuff that’s good for play
  • Ideas for discussing the story
  • Practical activities. 

Download Story telling session pack

If you and your children haven’t read Fun in the dungeon yet, don’t worry – it is available online for all to read for free.

 Fun in the dungeon is a bilingual storybook for primary school aged children and parents. It reminds us all that every child has the right to play – and that children will play wherever they are and whenever they can.

It’s a story that can be read and enjoyed many times, but it can also be used as a starting point to discuss play with your children.

Read Fun in the dungeon